Impronte Street Art Festival, Bonito Italy 2016

The first edition of Impronte Street Art Festival, an event dedicated to the famous designer and craftsman Salvatore Ferragamo, who was born in Bonito in 1898, has just finished. The idea of Impronte Street Art Festival stems from the desire to pay homage to the Bonito designer, celebrating the creativity that has marked his career and his many transversal projects which encompassed fashion, design and art.

The five street artists invited to Bonito (Avellino, Campania) were Gola Hundun, Millo, Milu Correch, Tellas and Giulio Vesprini.

Street artist Tellas painted the first mural, an artist from Sardinia known for his association with nature. The painting took three days to complete entitled “In the Hearth (heart) of Irpinia”. Named due to the difficulty of placing Bonito in Upper or Lower Irpinia.

Arrange it “In the heart”, in the centre, leaves no room for doubt, and positions it in an area without classifications, no topographical… but essentially emotional.

The landscape is the source of inspiration for Tellas who chooses colours to tell a story of Bonito, made of grapes and wine, ground and nature, and the yellow of the arid summer valleys.

Gola Hundun artwork inspired by a variety of elements related to the human nature and the animal painted “Chiarezza di Luna” (“Moonlight”), a concept which expresses the desire to freeze that moment in which the sun is not yet finally gone down but already the moonlight overlooks the landscape. It is a time when you can be stripped of the struggles and a breeze refreshes the body and the mind.

The artwork is entirely permeated by the ambivalence of the central figure of the deer, which symbolize the wisdom of the forest and, on the other hand, the representation of the power of life and the creative nature. The presence of birds is a detail which was born from the awareness of the artist about the “relaxing nature” of the harmonious flying which symbolize “freedom for the mind”.

The Argentinian artist Milu Correch, goes along the path of memory, when people used to tie a knot in  cloth to remember something. The ocher background hosts the figure of a woman intent to create a knot around her own body with a strip of cloth, a symbol of memory or maybe of the artisan work. At her feet a bunch of flowers in harmony with the valleys.

Giulio Vesprini reintroduces botanical elements that together with graphic signs depict the typical slow processes of mutation and expansion in the natural world. The artist, who focuses his study on the word Archigrafia, subtracts lines and colours from the shoe Diva, realized from Salvatore Ferragamo in 1938, in order to give them back to the city in a new light.

After a month of exhibition in the Convento Francescano di Sant’Antonio street artist Millo arrived. His mural ‘Blind’ is inspired by the most famous of Ferragamo’s shoes, the Rainbow shoe, made by the master for the actress Judy Garland. The special design took shape in 1938, during the filming of The Wizard of Oz the movie inspired by the tale of L. Frank Baum from 1900 and directed by Victor Fleming. Millo describes in his mural the human being and their inability to understand, sometimes, their own magic. We often do not realise of our being special and unique, so the artist invites us to look inside ourselves and to rediscover our beauty. Such beauty is depicted as a rainbow in the hands of a figure lying down within the urban setting with his eyes closed.

Millo latest contribution closed the first edition of Impronte, and we will eagerly wait for next years!



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