Impronte Street Art Festival dedicated to Salvatore Ferragamo, Bonito Italy 2016

Here comes the first edition of Impronte Street Art Festival, an event dedicated to the famous designer and craftsman Salvatore Ferragamo, who was born in Bonito in 1898.The idea of Impronte Street Art Festival stems from the desire to pay homage to the Bonito designer, celebrating the creativity that has marked his career and his many transversal projects which encompassed fashion, design and art.

The leading theme is the “creativity” of Ferragamo as a source of inspiration for artists and as a source of inspiration for self-determination in the realization of personal objectives.

The street art murals will start on 16th May 2016 until the end of August, and then starts an exhibition “shoemaker to the stars”, where 5 historical shoes which represent the history of Italian design will be on display with 5 artworks produced by the artists involved in the festival.

The five street artists who have been invited to Bonito are Gola Hundun, Millo, Milu Correch, Tellas and Giulio Vesprini. The five artists were chosen starting from the shapes, the patents and the materials which portrayed Ferragamo’s work over the years:Gola Hundun for his intrinsic investigation in the animal world.

Millo for the meticulous black and white and his graphic sign.

Milu Correch for the use of floral elements and his work on the woman image,

Tellas for the association with nature

and Giulio Vesprini for geometries and the wise dosage of colours

Impronte is a project conceived and realized by Collettivo Boca with the contribution of Museo Salvatore Ferragamo and Comune di Bonito.
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