INTI’s Stunning Return: The TAMARUGO II Mural in Aalborg

The 11th season of the “Out in the Open” mural edition curated by Lene Kirk of Kirk gallery has kicked off with an incredible start as the renowned artist INTI makes a stunning return.

Despite facing challenging weather conditions, INTI has completed a breathtaking new mural in just 12 days in the heart of the old workers’ neighbourhood in Aalborg.

Image Copyright Lene Kirk

Titled “TAMARUGO II,” the mural depicts the native tree from the Atacama Desert in Chile, symbolising life and resistance for the local people. INTI’s intention was to juxtapose the delicate beauty of spring with the unconventional beauty of this tree, which thrives in one of the driest places on earth.

Image Copyright Lene Kirk

“A native tree from the Atacama Desert / Chile and a symbol of life and resistance for the local people. For this composition I wanted to contrast the differences between the fragile beauty of the spring and the non-conventional beauty of this tree that manages to survive in one of the driest places on earth.”


INTI, whose artistic name means “sun” in Quechua, is a street artist from Latin America. His artistic journey began at a young age when he started tagging the streets of his hometown, Valparaiso. Despite his unconventional start, he pursued formal artistic studies at the Fine Arts School of Viña del Mar, honing his skills as a professional painter.

Image Copyright Lene Kirk

INTI’s mural for “Out in the Open” enriches the cultural landscape of Aalborg with its warm orange glow.

Image Copyright Lene Kirk

His murals, characterised by vibrant colours and the enigmatic energy of Ancient South American culture, often explore themes of life, death, and ancient religion intertwined with modern influences. INTI draws inspiration from pre-Columbian and Andean cultures, reviving and redefining ancient iconography and symbols in a contemporary context.

Image Copyright Lene Kirk

Read more about INTI’S previous mural of the TAMARUGO in Chile here.

Photo Credit Lene Kirk of Kirk gallery



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