Invader Gives the Residents of Riom a Fright to Remember, Halloween 2023

On 31st October 2023, the residents of Riom were in for a fright they would never forget when French artist Invader struck the town with spooky mosaic art.

The invasion occurred past midnight when most residents were asleep and unaware of the spectacle that was about to unfold. The spooky mosaic art consisted of Mr Jack and Sally, two popular characters from the Halloween movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

Invader, Mr Jack and Sally (2023). Image @ Invader

As the night progressed, more mosaic pieces were revealed, a creepy pumpkin and an Invader witch, adding to the already eerie atmosphere.

Invader, Pumpin and Invader Witch (2023). Image @ Invader

It was a Halloween night like no other, and the memories of Invader’s ghostly creations would be etched in the minds of the town’s residents forever.

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Image @ Invader



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