Invader Returns to Los Angeles for his Ninth Mosaic Invasion, America 2018

The renowned French street artist Invader, has recently completed the 9th wave of his iconic invasion series in the vibrant city of Los Angeles. Following his successful invasion of Bhutan, this news has certainly sparked excitement and curiosity among art enthusiasts worldwide. Invader’s unique style, which involves creating pixelated mosaics of popular video game characters, has captivated audiences and left a lasting impression in every city he invades. His latest invasion of Los Angeles is expected to add to the city’s thriving street art scene and attract a new wave of visitors to explore the city’s hidden gems.

After a seven-year absence since his last LA invasion, the mysterious artist has returned to the city with 29 new mosaics. These additions have significantly increased the score of his smartphone app ‘Flash Invaders’, which was recently updated.

The first mosaic, LA_172, was unveiled at the ‘Beyond the Streets’ exhibit, announcing Invader’s presence in the city. The remaining 28 mosaics can be found throughout the city of Angels.

The first glimpse of Invader’s invasion in Los Angeles was a true homage to the city’s film industry. The artist created a pixelated mosaic of a film roll named LA_173. This intricate and unique piece of art captured the essence of Hollywood and immediately caught the attention of locals and visitors alike.

As the mysterious invader made his way through the bustling streets of Los Angeles, the city was enveloped in an eerie and unsettling atmosphere. The presence it left behind was ghostly but did not evoke fear or alarm. Instead, it seemed to emanate a sense of calm and happiness to all those who saw it. As the ghostly entity lingered, it could be seen sporting a stylish pair of shades as if to say, “I’m here to stay, dudes. Let’s hit the beach.”

The Matsumura in Little Tokyo, LA, now boasts a beautiful mosaic of Japan’s famous lucky cat, “Maneki Neko,” left behind by the invader. The colourful and intricate artwork adds a touch of cultural charm and cuteness to the area.

Invader’s love for vegan cooking was quite evident during his visit to Jewel, a plant-based restaurant situated in Silver Lake. In addition to savouring the exquisite vegan food, Invader left a huge invaded strawberry mosaic on the side wall of the restaurant and wrote a glowing review of his culinary experience.

Invader enjoyed hanging out with The Big Lebowski (the mosaic version!) at the LA bowling alley. He even left him a 100-point score and bought him a cocktail. Sounds like they had a blast!

As you approach the car wash, you’ll have the chance to catch a glimpse of a space invader figure known as ‘The Surfer of Santa Monica’. Invader appears to have been inspired by the iconic artwork of Hokusai ‘s Great Wave, as evidenced by how the space invader happily rides the waves on his surfboard.

During the ninth LA wave, several additional invasions took place. Check out the invasions below …

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