Invader Returns to Los Angeles for his Ninth Mosaic Invasion, America 2018

We last saw the French street artist Invader invading Bhutan! Now the artist has taken a flight to America and has just completed the 9th wave of invasion of Los Angeles. How this excites us!

After 7 years out of city, Invader has been back in town with 29 new mosaics adding hundreds of points to the total score of his smartphone app ‘Flash Invaders’ which has recently seen an updated version.

The first invasion, LA_172, was installed at ‘Beyond the streets’ show, letting us know that Invader was in da house … leaving the other 28 in the city of Angels.

The first glimpse of his LA invasion was an ode to the film industry. Which saw an invader film roll LA_173.

Invader then leaves the ghost of LA sporting some much needed shades in the LA sun!

We will find Japan’s famous lucky cat ‘Maneki Neko’ as a mosaic at the Matsumura in little Tokyo, LA.

Knowing Invaders love for Vegan cooking, he leaves his mosaic and a decent food review at Jewel, a plant-based restaurant in Silver Lake.

Invader leaves 100 pts and a cocktail with The Big Lebowski at the LA bowling…

The Surfer of Santa Monica can be seen at the car wash, with the Great Wave by Hokusai as inspiration.

Check out some of the other invasions below from the ninth LA wave…


Photo Credit Invader



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