Invader Rubikcubist Exhibition, MIMA Museum Brussels 2022

MIMA, the Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art in Brussels, hosts Invader Rubikcubist, a solo exhibition by Invader. 

Invader is the pseudonym of the anonymous, world-famous French urban artist whose majority of his work is modelled on the crude pixellation of the 1970s-1980s 8-bit video games. He took his name from the 1978 arcade game Space Invaders, and much of his work is composed of square ceramic tiles inspired by video game characters. His distinctive 4056 creations (to date) can be seen in many highly visible locations in more than 80 cities worldwide.

Invader continued pixel art representation that he had begun with the mosaic by reworking the famous six-coloured popular Rubik’s cube puzzle into a 3D medium for paintings and sculptures.

In 2003 Invader explored the link between pixel mosaics and the 1980s famous toy, and by 2005 the term Rubikcubism, which the artist invented, was born!

RUBIKCUBISM [roo-bic-kyoo-biz-uhm] (noun) : An art style and movement born in the early 21st century. It is characterised by the use of Rubik’s Cubes as an artistic medium. The artist Invader is the founder of Rubikcubism.

Rubikcubism was a nod to Braque and Picasso’s cubism and the Hungarian inventor of the cube, Rubik.

Invader Rubikcubist is the first exhibition entirely devoted to the artist’s ‘Rubikcubism’ works. Due to the size and limited six-colour palette of the cubes, these nearly abstract works only reveal themselves when you take a few steps back and squint your eyes, or nowadays with the use of a camera phone!

Invader Rubikcubist retraces nearly twenty years of creations in cubes and reveals more than a hundred works presented on the four floors of the MIMA museum. From the first sculptures to the series devoted to the figure of the villain (the Rubik Bad Men), to the masterpieces of art history revisited in six colours (Rubik Masterpieces) or to his ideal discotheque (Rubik Low Fidelity) this exhibition is must-see!

​24 June 2022 > 08 January 2023
39-41, Quai du Hainaut
​1080 Brussels

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