“Invader was here” exhibition-invasion MAMO, Cité Radieuse Art Center, Marseille 2020

From August 28, the MaMo, a contemporary art centre founded by Ora Ito, presented “INVADER WAS HERE”, an invasion-exhibition.

Invader has made MaMo the strategic base of a major invasion-exhibition and stretched the format of the exhibition to that of the invasion, “INVADER WAS HERE” leaving mosaics in the city of Marseille.

Invader worked in the art centre in secret throughout the summer, encapsulating the local territory, with a tribute to the Phocaean city and its Mediterranean culture.

Each mosaic has been designed according to its location in Marseille, the spirit of the place, the local culture. The chromatic range, an ode to the Mediterranean, is essentially worked in shades of blues contrasted with white.

From the Calanques to Notre-Dame de la Garde, passing through the Old Port, l’Estaque, the Corniche, the northern districts, the Cours Julien or the Baumettes …, Invader has applied its concept of “urban acupuncture” which offers an exploration of a territory, via strategically placed works.

In addition to space invaders, many motifs evoke regional themes and emblems of popular culture, while injecting visual puns, poetic notes or by reinventing points of view on the city by highlighting unusual sites.

The artistic invasion is significant: Marseille becomes the second largest city in France invaded by Invader, after Paris.

A dedicated “Invasion Map” allows you to follow the artist’s footsteps in town, and to visualize the scope of the intervention.

Photo credit Invader



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