Invader’s Tribute to Vivienne Westwood on Kings Road, London

French street artist Invader, known for his pixelated mosaic street art, has returned to London for his nineteenth wave of invasions. The latest invasion involves LDN_151 -PA_162 taking over the streets of London, from Soho to Chelsea.

In his recent invasion, LDN_155 pays tribute to the iconic British fashion designer Dame Vivienne Westwood. The mosaic depicts the late Vivienne Westwood wearing her infamous white T-shirt with the word “Destroy.” A black invader sits underneath, replacing the original swastika and upside-down crucified Jesus.

Invader, Kings Road. Image Copyright Graffitistreet

LDN_155 is located on the side wall of Westwood’s former boutique on 430 Kings Road; founded in 1971, it was the birthplace of Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren’s innovative ideas and designs. This location has a rich history in London’s fashion scene and played a key role in the evolution of punk style, ultimately impacting London’s youth culture significantly.

Invader, Kings Road. Video Copyright Graffitistreet

Westwood’s boutique, originally named SEX, played a pivotal role in the history of the Sex Pistols. It served as a hangout for guitarist Steve Jones and friends and was where the band discovered and recruited John Lydon, also known as Johnny Rotten, as their lead singer.

“In the late 70′ SEX was the fashion shop of Vivienne Westwood so her boyfriend Malcom McLaren created the Sex Pistols to promote it! What followed is history… ”

Invader Instagram 9th June 2024

Westwood and her then-partner and Sex Pistols manager, McLaren, had a profound influence on the band’s songwriting, and Westwood created clothing that mirrored the band’s rebellious spirit. After the ban of the Sex Pistols’ single “God Save the Queen” from British radio, Westwood changed the shop’s name to Seditionaries and supplied the band with her edgy designs.

Invader, Kings Road. Image Copyright Graffitistreet

The renovation of Seditionaries on Kings Road in Chelsea included some interesting and unique features. The hands of the 13-hour clock on the shop front spin rapidly counterclockwise. Inside, the floor sharply slopes from right to left.

Invader, Kings Road. Image Copyright Graffitistreet

Over the years, with various name changes and redesigns, 430 Kings Road has operated as Worlds End. The store continues to showcase the iconic Worlds End Collection, offering unisex pieces made from leftover production fabrics from previous seasons.

Invader, Kings Road. Image Copyright Graffitistreet

Invader paid tribute to Dame Vivienne Westwood, alongside other tributes like street artist Bambi’s portrayal of the iconic figure in punk fashion attire, complete with a tartan skirt.

Invader, Kings Road. Image Copyright Graffitistreet

By using The Flash Invaders app, users can earn 50 points for identifying LDN_155, which pays homage to the late and inspiring Vivienne Westwood.

Invader, Kings Road. Video Copyright Graffitistreet

Before you leave Kings Road, stroll down to the Waterstones bookshop and discover another invasion left by Invader in this exciting nineteenth London wave.

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