Italian Street Artist Fabio Petani paints for Art United Us, Kiev 2017

ArtUnitedUs 2017, curated by Iryna Kanishcheva and Geo Leros, initiated the second season of street art murals last month with artist Rustam QBic. Now they are back with the second mural of the season by Italian street artist Fabio Petani.

The title of Fabio’s mural is called “Fluorine (флуор) & Malva sylvestris”. He combines the chemical element with the bright mauve-purple flower, also known as common mallow.

“The work is composed by two conceptual parts. The first one is the Malva, a typical plant of Ucraina. The other one is the fluorine, a chemical element (the 9th) that was discovered in the 1886, the same year the daylight saving time was not observed in ucraina. The translation of fluorine is флуор and is latin and means flow (flow of light). So the light is another part in common to both.” Fabio Petani

“The composition runs around the central circle part where I also put the malva flower. You can see a mix of layer that moves all the composition like a travel in other dimensions. All is inverted: the plant is black and each element create a small world where the plant change form”. Fabio Petani

“I seek harmony by the colours, by the composition, by the contest. The work has to live with the building and with the people looking at it”.  Fabio Petani

ArtUnitedUs is not just about producing a series of murals, but instead, creating an entirely new history. Art has been used as a great weapon throughout history, this initiative is current and promoting peace, and in the worlds of Art United Us… save the world.

Photo Credit Iryna Kanishcheva and Fabio Petani



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