Jidar Street Art Festival, Rabat, Morocco 2017

Since the creation of the Jidar festival in 2015, Rabat in Morocco has become a major destination in the international street art circuit. The third edition took place from 21 to 30 April 2017.

Jidar 2017 celebrates multiculturalism at the heart of public space and over the 10 days, 10 walls were painted by artists all over the world, including Morocco, Spain, Germany, Italy, Colombia, Romania, Ukraine, Egypt and Mexico.

Artists invited included Antonyo Marest, Aryz, Ayoub AfroFatCap, Danielle Nitti, David Rocha, Fikos, Welg, Liqen, Low Bros, Mehdi Zemouri, Mohamed Ghacham, NOFAL O-ONE, Saddo and Waone Intersni Kazki.

As well as huge walls this year Antonyo Marest was invited to paint the skatepark.

Antonyo also led workshops and discussions bringing street art to the front of conversations.

All the artists finished their walls within ten days. Here Fikos speaks about his mural …

“I usually get my inspiration from greek mythology but this time the idea was to illustrate a Moroccan myth. Seems that I was lucky enough to find a myth that is common in Greek and Moroccan mythology so I depicted the “Hesperides”, the nymphs of evening and sunsets. The Garden of Hesperides (the place visited by Hercules in order to complete his eleventh labor) contained a tree with golden apples, which was protected by the nymphs and the dragon Ladon -often depicted as a snake- and according to scholars, it was located in Larache- Morocco, north of Rabat.” Fikos

Check out the other finished murals below …


Photo Credit Jidar



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