Joachim’s Graffiti Art Pops Up in Brussels, Belgium 2017

Street artist Joachim has been busy re decorating and painting his graffiti pop characters in Brussels, Belgium for his latest solo show “Till Death Do Us ‘Art”, in collaboration with The Crystal Ship and Huberty & Breyne organised by Rebecca Prosper and Elisa Huberty.

Joachim was presented with a mission to transform the old run down venue for his solo show as part of Crystal Ship. Joachim usually keeps this graff pop style for the streets but for such a huge venue, an old sports gym, Joachim couldn’t resist coming in from the cold.

“… the challange is to keep it interesting, because its all my work, all black and white characters and animals, so the the principle remains the same… therefore I try to play as much as possible with the elements and the shape of the space.” Joachim

Check out below what Joachim has done to the place and how he turned an old grey warehouse into a bright fun inviting venue …

“For the first time my drawings go further in the air (if you know what I mean) they come out of the wall, I used wood that I saw in the forms that I needed, that way I created some kind of 3D effect, which is interesting to look at” Joachim

Everything within the warehouse will be for sale and Joachim has painted some colour poppin’ canvases in his graffiti pop style which we usually see on the streets.

There is also artwork of Joachims other style that he keeps for the studio on display.

With all that running around its just as well Joachim has some new customised sneakers which have just been released! A Co-operation with MOA – Master of Arts ! Check these bad boys out.

If you would like to step into Joachim’s universe the solo show “Till Death Do Us ‘Art” runs from 21st April until 19th May 2017 at 33 place Du Châtelain-1050 Brussels.

With an Opening event on Thursday 20th April 2017, 6:30pm



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