Artist JR Transforms the Louvre’s Pyramid with an Anamorphic Image, 2016

The French street artist and photographer JR, known for his enormous black and white portrait paste-ups in public areas all over the world, now finds himself in Paris for his new photographic project.

Invited by the world-famous Louvre Museum, JR is installing a public artwork outside the iconic museum in the main courtyard, Cour Napoléon. The artist is transforming the Louvre’s most iconic piece, the glass pyramid designed by I M Pei, employing an anamorphic technique on a seriously large scale!

Through the use of portraiture, the artist is making the pyramid disappear from the public eye by using the principle of anamorphosis, a distortion of perspective which requires the viewer to look at a certain vantage point to reconstitute the image.

The louvre is also known for generating the most ‘selfies’ a term used when an individual takes a picture of themselves.

I want to make the Louvre Pyramid disappear because I want people to see themselves alone, just their head and the Louvre. I find it funny seeing people taking selfies all day in front of the pyramid but always with their back to the Louvre. It says a lot about our society where people turn their back on things and focus on themselves. Today, that’s going to change… at least here at the Louvre.” JR via Humans of Paris

As well as the new project and solo show, JR is also curating a very special 24H non-stop at the Louvre with Sam Stourdzé, Daniel Buren, Felice Varini, Peter Solterdijk, Fabrice Bousteau, Agnès Varda, Laurent Goumarre, Yann Frisch, Arthur Chavaudret, Mathieu Chedid, Nils Frahm, @olafurarnalds, @jeanimbert and @CaraDelevingne – amazing illustration all hand-made by @violaineetjeremy

Then finally the famous landmark disappeared! thanks to a surprising anamorphosis.

On Saturday, May 28th 2016, at 3 pm, for 24 hours, JR takes over the museum of the Louvre. Conferences, masterclasses, screenings, concerts, workshops… this exceptional program shines a light on the creative processes of an artist whose work emphasizes collaborations.

Photo copyright JR-ART.NET



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