LATA 65 – A street art project for the young at (he)ART! comes to Nuart Aberdeen, 2019

LATA 65 – A street art project for the young at heART! comes to Aberdeen! This years Nuart Aberdeen festival will see a collaboration with Portuguese curator Lara Seixo Rodrigues to present a series of workshops aimed at the over 65’s. Lara is the founder of the world renowned LATA65 street art project, and also the curator for Wool Street Art Festival. Inspired by Lara’s LATA65 project, Nuart have been running a popular seniors program for several years now.

Like Lara, we noticed the audience for Street Art was much broader than was being publicised, we noticed a lot of pensioners were joining street art tours and attending openings and wondered if Lara’s project and philosophy would transcend borders, and of course it did. We’ve since had participants aged between 80 and 100 years join the workshops and in 2018 toured the regions old peoples homes. Nuart

At the core of Nuart is a desire to see our city walls hosting ground breaking street art but also to see our communities engaged as active participants and creators, not just passive observers. Through her own work in Lisbon, Lara discovered there was a much more diverse and wide ranging group of citizens appreciating street art and decided to offer them the same opportunities normally reserved for younger participants. The result is the ‘LATA 65′ project and series of workshops – Young at Art. Nuart

“My favourite thing about doing LATA 65 is watching the huge transformation that each senior goes through. It’s always amazing having the possibility, of just after a few small challenges, watching the elderly group just like any bunch of kids having fun in front of a wall, where there’s no pain, no traumas, and without any definition of what is right or wrong for a person of their age.” Lara

“It’s best, to use a nickname when you write on the walls, just so the police don’t find you afterwards” Lara

Application forms for LATA 65 – Young at Art can be picked up, filled in and posted into an application box from a pick-up point near the food court area on the Upper Mall of the Bon Accord Centre. Electronic versions can be requested by emailing here.

The deadline for all applications is 29 March 2019. Participants will be selected at random and notified by 2 April 2019.

Lata 65 founder Lara Seixo Rodrigues will also be participating in a Q&A after the screening of a short documentary on Saturday afternoon at Belmont Cinema as part of the Nuart Plus series of events. Check back soon for program details.



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