Le Musée en Herbe becomes the new playground for Invader’s solo show, Paris 2017

Space Invader is the pseudonym of a well-known French urban artist whose work is modelled on the crude pixellation of 1970s-1980s 8-bit video games. His distinctive creations can be seen in many highly visible locations in more than 67 cities in 30 countries. Invader has currently installed more than 3,402 pieces around the world. A map on the space invaders website tracks his travels around the world, and not forgetting SpaceOne, a mosaic that flew to the stratosphere at about 35 kilometres above ground (22 miles).

Invader is currently in Paris where he is invading the Musée en Herbe with his high anticipated solo exhibition “Hello My Game Is…”, a play on the famous name tags “Hello My Name is…” The show runs from 26th January until 3rd September 2017.

“…This exhibition is an invitation to come and explore my work and play with it. One can learn many things in games. The exposition catalogue is indeed an activity book! With the team of the Musée en Herbe, we tried to create an exhibition tailor-made for children, both in the scenography and in the subject of some works such as a very large ‘rubikcubist’ painting of Peter Pan, the child who never wanted to grow up!” Invader

Young visitors and their parents are invited for a journey through the artist’s universe with more than a hundred new works! Arcade games, a large interactive map of the world, works made of Rubik’s cubes, a magnets wall, and many more installations will enable children to truly interact and play with Invader’s work.

“…I know that children are generally appreciative of my work. Maybe because, I have myself often drawn inspiration from the world of childhood. Besides, who other than an adult with a child’s soul could devote his life to invading the world with video game characters? Also, this exhibition is very close to my heart because children represent the future. Education and dialogue with children are the keys to a good future for humanity and tomorrow’s world.” Invader

This is the first exhibition of Invader in Paris since 2011 and it’s only for children… from 3 to 103 years old!

“… there is no age for appreciating art. Even if my main concern is to address children, I hope their parents will also appreciate the exhibition.” Invader

The solo show is all about addressing children, and the big kids in us all.

“…children are already very good at recognizing my work in the streets, quite simply because they are curious and observant! I am indeed often a victim of what I call ‘Keith Haring syndrome’: people tell me, “Oh Invader, my children love your work…”. I take it as a compliment because in the end, not all artists are capable of captivating children.” Invader

A 40-page book published by Casterman featuring games and stickers will also accompany the exhibition.

This exhibition is a unique opportunity to walk into the footsteps of one of the pioneers of street art, whose work repeatedly refers to childhood… Will you come out to play?


Musée en Herbe
23, rue de l’Arbre-Sec 75001 Paris
Open everyday from 10 to 7 pm
Night time hours on thursday until 9 pm
tel: 0140 67 97 66



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