Leon Keer’s Anamorphic Vases Portray Fragility, The Crystal Ship, Ostend 2019

Leon Keer is a world leading artist in the anamorphic street art and has the ability to paint in an impressive and distorting way, and he did not disappoint at this year’s Crystal Ship, street art festival, in Ostend. Current issues are present in Leon’s work, such as environmental concerns and the liveability of this world.

Leon Keer’s mural was a short, but joyous, free ferry ride from Montgomery Dock over the water to C-power 1 Buskruitstraat, a Green energy supplier and wind farm in Ostend.

The weather conditions were definitely windy and slightly colder shall we say over the water , so the Artic scene Leon was painting was quite fitting.

The trompe l’oeil mural is an impressive 22m x 7meters and initially showed three vases housed in wooden crates.

On each of these vases Leon had painted an arctic scene with an apocalyptic setting.

Each vase depicts a different story on environmental issues devastating our beautiful planet.

The mural is titled “Fragile” which refers to the vulnerability of our planet and also the fragility of the vase cased in the crate.

The colour of the vases have been painted in a beautiful “delft” blue which was set against the tanned wooden grain of the crates.

“Fragile” was painted with help of artist Massina.

Check out the short video below of this mind blowing mural…



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