Lier Up Street Art Project, Lier, Belgium 2016

Lier is a small municipality located in the Belgian province of Antwerp, and is home to street artist Joachim. He decided to curate ‘LIER UP’, a street art project, to bring his picturesque old city up to date! With support of the City to display permanent murals, mixed with Joachim’s energy and enthusiasm, he took on the challenge and invited fellow street art and graffiti artists to collab with and give Lier a face lift!

“I woke up with the idea about a year ago! I found that my town was missing something… it is a very beautiful city with many attractions, but a lot of old things. I found that Lier was missing something contemporary, an urban feel, and murals in the city was a logical choice for me. I thought I’d suggest it to the city council because I needed financial support. I was afraid they were going to find it ridiculous, but they were very enthusiastic on the condition that everything was legal, such as licenses and permits etc.” Joachim

Joachim will be painting along side and collaborating with all eleven artists he has invited to his hometown of Lier; Waldorf Claw, Bisser, Nils Westergard, Sawer (from the Aerosol kings) Bird, Smok, Kanter, Mark Goss, 2Dirty, K.Shit and Bart Vermeiren.

” I thought it would be interesting to make collaborations… that way you get a recurring theme of my work, but you get a diversity of styles. It is also a challenge, because it is not always easy to combine the styles of each artist, including myself. We will have to leave our comfort zones… and that’s not always bad… it keeps you sharp!” Joachim

First up Joachim invites Belgium artist Waldorf Claw to join him for LIER UP first ever mural collab…

“Street art is something that deviates from the norm so we had to wait for the responses… fortunately they were all positive, even enthusiastic! People came over and chatted to us while we were painting… some even asked us whether we wanted to paint their house!” Joachim

Richmond based Nils Westergard takes a visit to Lier while he is visiting Europe. They paint a girl who can’t decide who to listen to, the Devil or the Angel sat on her shoulders!

Graffiti artist Sawer, from Aerosol kings, meets up with Joachim for the third collab…

“Hopefully this project will open new doors… and I’m sure that will happen… people now see that graffiti can have a positive value… for a wall… a neighbourhood… a city.” Joachim 

The fourth wall invites Bisser… and the rain! Which as you can see influenced their collab …

“It’s my home city. I want to leave my mark and put Lier on the Street Art map!… and of course because I just want to paint as much as possible!” Joachim

[UPDATE 1] The fifth wall saw  2Dirty & Joachim battle the rain

The sixth wall SMOK is in town! An interpretation of, and an ode to the well-known character of Felix Timmermans and the lier population (better known as the ye sheep-heads)!

The seventh wall Joachim invites Kanter to join him for the collab…and inspired by one of the 7 ancient wonders of the world.

We are getting closer guys! The eighth wall gets a licking from  K.Shit & Joachim! Named ‘The Garden of temptation’..

Stay tuned for mural number nine… a little BIRD tells me it’s going to be awesome.

The tourist office will record the project and a street art tour will be organised for tourists and schoolchildren… Looks like Joachim and his fellow artists will make street art in Lier a landmark of the city!

Check back for updates and collabs from Joachim and friends for LIER UP 2016.

Sponsored by Colora… a paint shop just as enthusiastic for street art as Joachim! (is that possible?!)





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