Life is Beautiful, Downtown Las Vegas 2016

Justkids have been transforming Downtown Las Vegas in an open air art gallery for the fourth edition of the Life Is Beautiful Festival, curatored by Charlotte Dutoit.

Adding to the already extensive list of world renowned artists that have contributed in the past editions of the festival this year included the Obey Giant himself, Shepard Fairey. His mural “Corporate Welfare” hopes to inspire us to take a closer look on the intrinsic connection between faceless corporations and a nontransparent government in a questionable democracy. His piece stands at the most popular crossing on the Emergency Art Centre building.

Right on the other side, French artist Fafi painted on Fremont Street introducing her new comic Fafinette characters, aimed to empower women. Fafi does a pirouette, changing fake for strong and posing for attitude.

On the same Street Tristan Eaton “Fear no Fate” mural inspired by Las Vegas glamour history revives our memory on a large wall through the eyes of a show girl coming straight from a 50’s cabaret.

This year welcomes Mike Ross “Big Rig Jig” seen last year at Banksy’s Dismaland. Challenging gravity this marvelous artwork stands in the courtyard of the Ferguson Motel which impressive vintage neon sign has been recently restored.

Australian Artist Mark Drew first large scale mural mixes the iconic image of America’s childhood and the famous verses of a legendary 90’s rap group, Wu Tang Clan, incorporate in the name of nostalgia.

Another eye-catching piece from this year comes from Contemporary Artist Crystal Wagner. She realized an enormous 120 feet long installation on a vintage motel right in the middle of the festival site.

Next to Crystal Wagner’s piece, Australian Artist Amanda Parer giant 25 feet bunnies, entitled “Intrude”, was a main attraction.

Felipe Pantone worked on a typical old school building and blessed Downtown with his first 3D mural piece. Not only the artist designed, painted and built this mural but he added an entire architectonic lighting spectrum.

On the next building local contemporary artist Justin Favela delivered a shocking pink piñata motel, a highly impressive and detailed work done in less than a week. Favelas art is the representation of a mixture of heritages (Mexican father and Guatemalan mother) that has found in the artist a voice in witch they can fully express themselves.

On this same avenue, Spanish artist Dulk adapted his magical fantasy world to the state of Nevada recreating a new mythology inhabited by mechanical birds, flying bulls among many other things.

Norwegian artist Martin Whatson brought his Euro stencil technique and style to Downtown and left two murals.

Further North, Bezt from the duo Etam Cru took over a ten story building and left us the dream of an heroic battle in stainless glass trough the mind of a drooling child. In this piece we are the witness of an epic confrontation of a soldier against a dragon.

Another great festival in downtown Las Vegas. Check out their videos below…



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