Life is Beautiful Festival, Downtown Las Vegas

October brings us another addition to the hugely successful Life is Beautiful Festival, to Downtown Las Vegas. Artists from around the world are invited to transform Downtown Las Vegas into an open-air art gallery for Life is Beautiful Festival, Art and Music festival.

On display for this years 2015 festival, curated by Charlotte Dutoit of JUSTKIDS, is an eclectic selection of critically acclaimed muralists, installation artists, surprising designers and talented young architects.

This years roster includes  new pieces by Bordalo (Portugal), 1010 (Germany), Banksy (UK), Ruben Sanchez (Spain), Bikismo (Puerto Rico),Pixel Pancho (Italy), D*Face (UK), Filthy Luker & Pedro Estrellas (UK), Sbagliato (Italy), Trevor Wheatley & Cosmo Dean(Canada), Jason Woodside (USA), Stephane Malka (France) and Ana Maria (Puerto Rico) and a special guest Josh Ostrovsky, aka Instagram sensation, ‘The Fat Jew‘.

Mix this much talent together and its no wonder the end-result was an art explosion for the festival goers which enjoyed a series of exhilarating artworks. We love the ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ tribute by Ruben Sanchez. A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream…

Trevor Wheatley & Cosmo Dean place their large-scale typographic hanging installations, which simply place words out of context in the urban surrounding of Downtown Las Vegas.

Gigantic ( 35 feet tall and 20 feet large!) Godzilla-like inflatables of Zombified Hello-Kitty and Undead Snoopy, by D*Face… along with his ‘Pistol Peace’ piece…

A massive green octopus on rampage bursting out of an abandoned motel, by Filthy Lucker

A colony of Meerkats built entirely with trash and found-materials onto a trash bus by the talented Bordalo II another mind-blowing trash sculpture as part of his ‘Big Trash Animal Series‘.

large murals creating optical illusions by Bikismo…

Banksy dropped off his van, which was displayed earlier in NYC…

Pixel Pancho was Downtown with his signature robot-inspired imagery on the side of the casino.

Ana Maria brought her cosmic painting…

French architect Stephane Malka created some rad seating elements around the foot-print for the attendees to relax, made completely out of wooden pallets!

A colourful mural by Jason Woodside…

Abstract artist Sbagliato brings his window to the side of this building…

Then the unexpected collaboration mural between Bikismo and the Fat Jew!

All these murals and most of the installations will stay permanently in the streets of Downtown Las Vegas, adding new big names to the exhaustive existing collection started three years ago through the festival and continuing to transform the neighbourhood with a brand new and unique energy.

What goes on in Vegas… stays in Vegas!


Photos courtesy of JustKids



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