“Lock Down Paste Up”, NUART Aberdeen during COVID-19 Lockdown, 2020

Nuart‘s “Lock Down Paste Up” launches with a series of new works in and around Aberdeen, during COVID-19 lockdown.

While huge murals, talks and big city tours were not an option for this years street art festival, Nuart still felt a desire to connect with the Aberdeen community that has welcomed them with open arms.

Nuart have been busy exploring ways in which “street art” can exist and remain relevant in a country locked down by a pandemic. Nuart

“Lock Down Paste Up” brings a simple, quick and safe way to introduce art to the quiet streets of Aberdeen while being mindful and relevant to the current pandemic. The paste-ups will provide the public with a source of inspiration and bring a positive outlook in these uncertain and challenging times.

“We have some really strong, interesting and deep content set to drop over the coming days and weeks under the #nuartlockdown name. We’ve been reflecting a lot on how best to deliver this under current conditions -we’ve really no desire to add to the tsunami of “creative content” of late. Much of it acting as nothing more than an ad break during a disaster movie. We’re conscious that the current rush to turn the “private” into the “public” is a tech bro venture capitalists wet dream, so we’ll go easy on the streaming until we’ve unpacked how it may impact those less privileged than us. Our culture and its place in the attention economy, how surveillance capitalism and its attendants may leverage it has been on our minds of late, many have been quick to embrace the shift from street to studio to the digital realm, but are the viewers for sale ? a topic, amongst many others we’ll be asking ourselves and others over the coming days.” Martyn Reed

Artists for Nuart Aberdeen 2020 included Biancoshock (IT), ICY & SOT (IR), JacobaNiepoort (DK), JofreOliveras (ES), Marina Zumi (AR), NunoViegas (PT), Paul Harfleet (UK), Pejac (ES), Sandra Chevrier (CA) and Vladimir Abikh (RU).

Dotted around the quiet granite city, the paste-ups of this year attending artists boost morale, and bring hope for a better tomorrow. The pieces of art act as a welcome break from the overwhelming uncertainty and remind us that life and the festival that unites the city, and the street art world, is still out there… just keeping a safe distance.

With 2020 looking quiet we wouldn’t expect Nuart to go unnoticed. Over the years, Nuart has adapted and delivered exciting and initiative new ways to celebrate their love of art and community, and with a pandemic as their current obstacle, we encourage Nuarts way of thinking and look forward to celebrating more festivals in the future.

Check back and keep up to date with Nuart on Instagram for more paste-up action in Aberdeen.



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