Lousy Auber takes his Photography to New Heights, Bratislava Street Art Festival, 2018

Bratislava Street art Festival celebrates its third year adding to their outdoor urban gallery in kamene nameste, an 80m2 area in a central place in Bratislava, capital of Slovakia.

Past editions saw Fat Heat (HU) in 2016, FinDac (UK), Cart1(FR) and Daor (SK) in 2017. Whilst this year three new murals were painted by Millo (IT), TankPetrol (PL) and local photographer Lousy Auber.

The project “Hotel Kyjev deconstructed” was designed by local photographer Lousy Auber.

The project has taken 2 and half years to come to fruition due to talks between the promoter, the city, the city architect, the artist and to find the perfect wall.

The final decision came this summer with 17 climbers abseiling down the three star hotel Kyjev in one day to be able to have the perfect cinematic.

The mural is on the facade of Hotel Kyjev, located in central Bratislava, bordering the historic Old Town district with its many cultural treasures.

Hotel Kyjev is set in one of the highest buildings in town and constructed in the 1970’s, the hotel offers good views across the city.

There are a total of 245 rooms in the three star hotel offering Bed and Breakfast to many visitors in Bratislava.

The project was a huge success and a treat to watch. Check out the video below and see for yourself the skills involved in such a huge project  …


Photo Credit Jakub Caprnka



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