Mayonaize, Remix the Pitch

Whether it’s on the beach in Oz, or a friendly game in the city parks of London, football fans aren’t handcuffed to just playing on fields or pitches, they are playing the game wherever they can. Nike encourages the games ability to transcend environment and to celebrate Nike have launched Football X which is all about taking football to the streets.

Kicking off Football X in Australia last week encouraged lovers of the game to play all over Melbourne in the ‘not so average’ football pitches you would usually find.  Australians were playing on buildings rooftops, inside warehouses and car parks you name it they were kicking a ball about!

Melbourne based graffiti artist Mayonaize is already considered Australia’s premier Calligraffiti artist, so when Juddy Roller tackled him to create an immersive work of art for Nike Australia’s latest project, he was ready to take on the challenge.

The task was to create two artworks to fill two indoor soccer pitches for Nike’s international indoor soccer tournament, Nike Football X. The catch, the pitch has to be “remixed” in between two tournaments.

Armed with no more than a collection of mops, known more widely for their cleaning abilities, then their use as an artistic tool. Mayonaize personally customised the mops turning them into oversized brushes capable of creating the long sweeping lines characteristic of his work.

After 3 long days and countless litres of paint, the first stage of the multi-layered work is complete. Who says an artist is only as good as his tools! Mayo certainly cleaned up with this mop! 

Football is always a game of two halves so Mayonaize will be joined by Buff Dis to collaborate and “remix” the pitch once again. This time the artwork is intended influence the actual gameplay by creating a more mind-bending “remix” experience using geometric lines, fluorescent paint and black light.

Looks like Mayonaize has finished his work for now so don your football boots and play a game on the best grounds in Melbourne!



GraffitiStreet will be back soon to check out the second half!



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