Millo’s “Mulberry Tree” Mural on Water Tower in Al Jib, Palestinian Territories

In the Palestinian territories, Millo was given an opportunity to create a mural on a water tower in Al Jib titled شجرة التوت meaning Mulberry Tree.

This large-scale project was curated by Riwaq and Baladk, making it the first of its kind in the area that wasn’t on the walls of separation. The mural, which adorns all sides of the water tower, depicts a young girl playing with mulberry tree leaves. This powerful image symbolises her ability to overcome obstacles and create beauty in the face of adversity.

Throughout the project, the curators emphasised the importance of girls over 11 years old in Al-Jib having the chance to play and explore public spaces, just like boys do. This message resonated deeply with Millo, causing him to adjust his original design and draw attention to this critical issue. Girls must have the same opportunities as boys when accessing public spaces and enjoying the freedom to play.

The mural is part of the #world_reversed project, a partnership between Riwaq and Baladk Festival Jordan.

Mural assistant: Fuad Alymani The curator:  Math Isied  Image credit: Math Isied Drone Credit: Arkmedia



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