Millo’s New Mural: A Message of Love and Welcome in Hamburg, Germany

Walls Can Dance Festival in Hamburg, Germany, recently unveiled a beautiful mural on the newly built building of Jugendhilfe eV, a social NGO helping people with addiction problems and the homeless for over 60 years. The mural, painted by renowned artist Millo, is a message of love and welcome to the residents of the building and the community at large.

The building was constructed by Jugendhilfe eV and funded by the Hamburg Investment and Development Bank. It provides much-needed housing for the homeless, including those with mental illnesses and refugees who have fled persecution in their home countries. The building is a sustainable, solid wood structure with green roofs and barrier reduction in passive house design.

The mural on the building’s exterior portrays a heartwarming scene of one person offering a helping hand to another, aiding them through the door of the house. This powerful image represents the strength and the value of supporting and caring for each other.

Millo’s use of black and white with a touch of red for the brick creates a striking contrast that draws the viewer’s attention to the mural’s message.

The mural serves as a reminder that welcoming and loving one another is a powerful act that can transform the lives of those around us. It is a beautiful addition to the community and a testament to the spirit of generosity and compassion that Jugendhilfe eV embodies.

Millo’s new mural is a beautiful work of art that conveys love and welcome to the residents of Jugendhilfe eV and the community. It is a reminder that we can positively impact the lives of those around us through kindness and compassion.

Image © Millo



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