Mina Hamada and Zosen Bandido Paint for the Wall Street Art Festival, Paris 2018

Last week, Mina Hamada and Zosen Bandido were invited by the ‘Wall Street Art Festival 2018, to paint a mural on the “Paul Langevin” school in the city of Corbeil-Essonnes, curated by Gautier Jourdain of Le Mur, 100 walls of youth and galerie Mathgoth to beauty the area of Grand Paris Sud.

Mina Hamada was born in Louisiana USA, grew up in Tokyo, and currently lives in Barcelona, her work is characterised through abstract and organic shapes in soft, bright and warm colours on a monochrome background.

Argentinean born Zosen Bandid, who now lives in Barcelona, is a creative artist whose work is filled with neon colours and geometric patterns with symbols. The artist creates his proper mythology, flooding walls and canvases with fantastic characters.

They met at the end of 2011 and began collaborating on joint murals, installations, serigraphy and have participated at numerous Mural Festivals and exhibitions since 2012.

In total, they painted five colourful walls over 6 stormy days, and brought 300 square meters of fresco to the”Paul Langevin” school.

“There are enough sad things in the world not to add black to black.” Mina and Zosen

Their mural is entitled “Spring Colour’. It was designed to celebrate the arrival of spring, growth, and evolution of children. The artists decided to mix bright colours, flowers and plants, while keeping many abstract forms conducive to imagination. Their style is spontaneous and luminous.

“That is also why we have chosen light, simplified forms. We want to paint creations that speak to everyone’s heart, that are accessible to everyone and give joy. The street and colour are perfect mediators for that.” Mina and Zosen

Check out the video below …

Photo Credit Galerie Mathgoth




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