Missing STIK Mural from 2011 to be returned to its original location, Gdansk, Poland 2018

An amicable agreement between British street artist STIK and Gallery owner Andrew Lamberty has been signed this week after years’ of negotiation for the return of a community mural, painted as part of the 2011 Brit-Cult festival at Łaznia Centre for Contemporary Art in Gdansk, Poland.

STIK painted the 150ft (45metre) mural on steel shipping containers in collaboration with the local young people. The mural consisted of many STIK figures, clothed, interacting with each other and holding hands. Once finished the mural was named ‘It’s Complicated’.

A mural ‘for the people, by the people of Gdansk’ stood pride of place at Łaznia Centre for Contemporary Art … until four years later!

Unaware to the artist STIK, the mural had been removed and cut up into several different pieces, changing the composition of the piece. These chopped down sections were now hung in the window of Lamberty’s London Gallery, and some of the pieces already been sold… without STIK’s consent.

STIK states that he did not authenticate this sale and only authenticates the sale of public artworks when it is for the benefit of the community. Which STIK has been seen to do many times over the years raising money for much needed charities.

The young people who collaborated with STIK on the artwork asked Lamberty in an open letter to return the mural.

“It became apparent to me that this important work needed to be returned to Gdansk, where it belongs. It has been a lengthy process retrieving the components from different sources. We now potentially have a happy artist and a happy local community, which is a happy result”. Andrew Lamberty

In recognition, STIK has agreed to assist with the restoration of the mural which is planned to be unveiled at its original location at Łaznia Centre for Contemporary Art in July 2019.

A fantastic result bringing the street art mural back to the street where it belonged.


Photo Credit STIK



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