Mister Samo: Spreading Love through Street Art for LOOK UP Portsmouth, 2023

Mister Samo is a Portsmouth-based trans street artist, public speaker, tattooist and activist and has an unwavering focus on intersectional gender identity and community. He has been painting since 2013, working in spray paint and acrylics; his passion for spreading the message of acceptance through powerful visual communication and acts of love and kindness is truly inspiring.

Samo’s highlights include painting at World Pride 2019 in New York for Stonewall, founding an LGBTQ+ safe space scheme, producing I EXIST, a global art project celebrating trans bodies, painting for FATFACE ‘Proud of you, proud of me’ pride campaign and his street art murals have garnered attention and admiration from many.

Mister Samo was one of the three trans artist headliners for LOOK UP Portsmouth street art festival. The mural at Bransbury Park Community Centre is a testament to his unyielding dedication to spreading love and kindness. The message “YOU ARE LOVED” is prominently displayed, radiating warmth and positivity.

Creating this mural took four long days in the scorching heat, but Mister Samo had the support of his best friend and assistant, Bobby, festival volunteers, and the community, who provided food and ice lollies. Mister Samo firmly believes that his work always revolves around the importance of community and chosen family, and he was present at the community Queer Picnic at Bransbury Park with Queer All Year, with great vibes and great food.

Mister Samo’s mural is a powerful reminder of the profound impact that love and kindness can have on our society. His work is uplifting, and his passion for making visible the often vilified or misunderstood trans bodies and addressing the lack of visibility of trans people in art is inspirational.

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Photo Credit GraffitiStreet / Mister Samo



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