Mønten Nordvest: Northern Europe’s Largest Open-air Gallery, Copenhagen 2021

Over the course of two years, independent curator Jens-Peter Brask has added to Copenhagen’s urban art scene with sixteen murals painted by sixteen internationally acclaimed street artists creating one of the largest Open-Air Gallery in Northern Europe.

The murals are situated in the north-western part of Copenhagen, in the Nordvest residential neighbourhood. The area is becoming increasingly popular and enjoys a multicultural and young population that brings a warm and welcoming vibe to the cosmopolitan area.

Artists invited to transform the residential complex A/B Mønten included Lady AIKO, MadC, Peter Birk, CMP ONE, Mikael B, HuskMitNavn, Jakob Tolstrup, Roman Manikhin, Victor Ash, Timmi Mensah, Boy Kong, Anders Brinch, Jon Stahn, Coline Marotta, Mason Saltarrelli and Dabs Myla.

Check out the murals below …


Check out the video below by Christain Langballe and see how the large scale murals add wonderful vibrant colour and character to the area …



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