Mr Doodle’s 50-Hour Marathon Documentary on Creativity, Endurance, and Charity

Popular street doodler Mr Doodle embarked on his most ambitious doodling spectacle yet—a marathon lasting an incredible 50 hours straight! Mr Doodle started the marathon at 10 a.m. on Friday, August 18. He continued until Sunday, August 20, when he created a live, unplanned design for the storefront of We Built This City before heading into the store to continue his work.

The ‘graffiti spaghetti doodler’ doodled across paper-covered walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, etc. As the hours went by, he became more tired, and you could see that in his doodles. His iconic characters became sleepier, with Xs for eyes, and the designs became more abstract.

But that’s not all. Mr Doodle’s marathon wasn’t just about creating art; it was also about giving back to society. All profits from the sales of the doodled-on paper that made up the installation were donated to The Teapot Trust, a charity that uses art therapy to help young people cope with long-term medical conditions.

Photo Credit Mr Doodle

It’s a fantastic initiative that combines creativity with charity, and we’re thrilled to see Mr Doodle using his talent for such a good cause. And now, the exciting news! Mr Doodle has produced a documentary that takes us behind the scenes of his 50-hour marathon. The documentary gives us a fascinating insight into Mr Doodle’s creative process and shows us the sheer determination and stamina required to create such an epic artwork.

Mr Doodle’s 50-hour marathon was a fantastic feat of creativity, endurance, and charity. His dedication to the cause is admirable, and it shows us how art can make a positive impact on people’s lives. The documentary is a must-watch, and we can’t wait to see what Mr Doodle has in store for us next!

Copyright Mr Doodle

Filmed by Joseph Harrington

Music by Hyphen For The Teapot Trust

Filmed at We Built This City, Carnaby Street



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