Mr Klevra: Street Art Murals in Italy 2015

Last time we heard from Mr Klevra was in April for the Big City Life Festival. His mission, along with other street artists, was to beautify and culturally enrich the Tor Marancia district of Rome and what a beautiful mural he did there.

Mr Klevra has been super busy since then so we caught up the Italian artist to see what he’s been up to.

His first piece is entitled Ecce Homo “behold the man” and is from Ponzio Pilato stories. Mr Klevra painted this piece in an abandoned building in Rome where many homeless people sleep.

When I saw those people sleep on the ground between the cardboard boxes, I saw the poor, forgotten by everyone and everything, and I wanted to honour these people, a gift for them, a little piece of beauty for their temporary home

GraffitiStreet saw something similar in New Delhi, India recently where Olek crocheted and PCO painted the homeless shelters for St+Art.

These thoughtful pieces of art can make a derelict space feel more welcoming and more inviting and has a positive impact for the residents who temporary sleep there.

We must be very strong to love solitude – Bisogna essere molto forti per amare la solitudine Pier Paolo Pasolini

Quote chosen by Mr Klevra because like most artists is a lover of solitude.

I heard a beautiful story of people of this city during World War II they have been sacrificed and put a risk on their lives to save many Jews, so I decide to represent my hand as a detail of the extreme sacrifice, as a holy relic, a sort of memory to those normal persons and how that they were not afraid of risking their lives.

Great work by Mr Klevra and GraffitiStreet always loves getting inside the artists creative minds to find out the story and inspiration behind these murals.

Photos courtesy of Mr Klevra



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