Murals to Smile about for Wall Street Art festival, France 2019

The Wall Street Art festival just wrapped up two murals for it’s 2019 edition. Artists invited were JACE and Andrea Ravo Mattoni, curated by Gautier Jourdain of Le Mur and galerie Mathgoth.

Italian artist Andrea Ravo Mattoni painted on the wall of a primary school in Corbeil-Essonnes. Andrea Ravo Mattoni specialises in the reinterpretation of classical painting works and painted the Mona Lisa.

The mural was to make an “unfinished” work (on the right side), showing the background colour Leonard de Vince used and the grid pattern. It is a good teaching aid for the school’s teachers, which they now use to explain the process to their students.

French artist Jace painted in the city of Grigny, one of the poorest cities in France.

“Bringing culture to working-class neighbourhoods is like a duty for me. This is where the works are most important.” Gautier Jourdain

Artist JACE, who lives on Reunion Island, wanted to paint a large painting in Grigny, in the district called “La Grande Borne”. He wanted to paint the mural full of hope and poetry, a painting that echoes current events.

Children decide to take charge and pay attention to their immediate environment. From buildings that look like small houses made of cardboard, like when we play in childhood, the “Gouzous” characters give back place and importance to nature.

photo credit galerie mathgoth 2019.



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