NeSpoon’s Vintage Lace Mural Envelops the Lace and Fashion Museum, Calais 2020

The Museu of Lace and Fashion invited Polish street artist NeSpoon to create a large mural in her intricate crochet and lace style.

The Museu of Lace and Fashion can be found in Calais, northern France. This area is famous for its lace-making tradition.

In the early nineteenth century, a group of tulle making mechanics, engineers and manufacturers from the Nottingham area in England emigrated to the continent to escape a period of economic and social unrest at home, and to seek their fortune.

In the past, local factories employed 40,000 people in the lace-making industry. Today in the city exists a unique lace museum dedicated to the origins and history of Calais lace. 

NeSpoon chose her design based on a machine lace pattern designed in 1894, from one of the catalogues available in the museum’s archive. 

The Museu of Lace and Fashion is housed in a recently restored 19th-century factory building. In addition to the great collection of lace, it holds a 200-year-old, still working lace-making machines. Learning how to control this machine on master level took up to 12 years. The weaving master controlled 11,000 threads at the same time! NeSpoon

Check out the beautiful mural below in all its glory …

NeSpoon also created other works inspired by the local lace, you can find here.



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