Nevercrew mural increases environmental awareness, France 2022

NEVERCREW is a swiss based artists duo composed of Christian Rebecchi & Pablo Togni since 1996. NEVERCREW’s work focuses on the relationship between mankind and nature and on the relationship between mankind and the system, in particular on the effects of human attitudes on the environment, on social injustices and on the relationship between the concept and the forms of “systems” and an essential, natural, human and animal truth. 

Their mural in Aurillac (France) for 10ème Art Festival is titled “Fuse” highlighting the importance of increasing environmental awareness.

“An uneven exchange, mixed up roles and priorities in an incessant sharing. Proportions distorted by the anthropocentric conception of existence that reveal themselves in incomplete perspectives, where in the blind spots finds space an inexorable and apparently unstoppable deterioration. A natural reality which, however, is such above every element that composes it, but of which it inevitably becomes an expression. An overall balance of which even what has been taken away becomes a part.” Nevercrew

Check out the mural in the images below and pay attention to the whale’s face for the reflection…



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