New Anamorphic Mural by Peeta, Downtown Gainesville 2018

Internationally recognised Italian muralist Peeta was invited by curator Iryna Kanishcheva aka GNV Urban Art LLC, to paint in his anamorphic style a new mural project at 204 West University Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32601.

Peeta, also known as Manuel Di Rita, has been a graffiti artist since 1993 and currently lives in Venice, Italy. His work explores the potential of sculptural lettering and anamorphism, both in painting and in sculpture.

The composition of the mural has transformed the 204 Building with geometrical shapes that interact with the surrounding environment and create a dialogue with the structural parameters of architecture.

“First of all, I’ve noticed windows and I’ve so elected them as the element to work on in order to convey an anamorphic effect to my painting by extruding them. Also, the colour of the building inspired me in order to use a similar tone and create a tone-on-tone sculptural effect.” Peeta

“I need measurements and calculations as an anamorphic piece has to be precisely distorted by geometrically studying it in order to provide the proper effect from the right point of view. Doing that, I also create a reticulated that I can mentally reproduce on the wall so isolating portions of the whole design and re-creating them on a larger scale step by step.” Peeta

“The right angle is, let’s say, by positioning yourself front to the wall, moving to your left until you reach the middle point between one entrance and the other of the park-site but just when you have reached the sidewalk by crossing the street at the left of the park-site. It is, in theory, an absolute point of view but the view from the front is not so much distorted as the anamorphic effect as been created only on the façade, instead if it was painted on the two sides of an angle, you would find highly distorted shapes by looking it not from the right perspective.” Peeta

“I’ve been dreaming about creating a mural on this property for three years, since my curation of 352walls. It became a reality thanks to Ryan S. Frankel who provided generous donation as well as Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency matching grant. I am grateful for the opportunity provided by Joseph Semrani, owner of the 204 Building, to use his building as a canvas. I invited internationally recognized Italian artist Peeta who transformed its architecture using just paint and brush. Through this mural, I want to demonstrate that borders are not always limited by only lines we see. With some effort and imagination, we can achieve more than seems to be possible. This is the first mural production that I managed totally myself and under my newly established company GNV Urban Art LLC.” Iryna Kanishcheva


Photo credit Iryna Kanishcheva / GNV Urban Art LLc



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