New Banksy Artwork at Great Yarmouth Model Village, 2021

Has BANKSY been to Merrivale? We reported that possible Banksy artworks have been popping up on the east coast of the UK. Today the Great Yarmouth Model Village woke up with a brand new addition to their village.

A miniature horse barn with a tagged ‘Banksy’ in red was on one side with the Banksy rat ‘Go BIG or go home’ on the other side.

“Has BANKSY been to Merrivale? We awoke this morning to a new addition to our village! A model we had never seen before was sitting amongst our little cottages, but it looked as though vandals had been decorating it! Upon closer inspection, it was adorned with a familiar name to the street art scene….Having left marks of his street art in Lowestoft, Gorleston & on a Great Yarmouth bus stop, could it be that the one and only BANKSY had made a secret visit to Merrivale?To have such a fantastic artist apparently choose to grace our tiny village with his street art is amazing! Hopefully it can be verified, we wait with bated breath…..” Merrivale Model Village

This definitely has the hallmark of Banksy and what a wonderful surprise for Merrivale Model Village, especially after a long time locked down due to the pandemic restrictions.

Photo credit Merrivale Model Village



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