New Mural by ATMA Celebrates the Diversity of the NHS and Frontline Workers, East London 2020

Paint the Change have curated a four-storey crowdsourced mural celebrating the National Health Service. The mural features more than 200 flowers drawn by the public all over the UK in partnership with Rich Mix in Shoreditch.

The project is titled 200 Nationalities, One NHS, and the giant artwork was delivered by street artist ATMA . The mural celebrates the diversity of the NHS and frontline workers and features a portrait of a young Londoner, an NHS health worker and hundreds of hand-drawn flowers.

The flower bouquet mural is made up of 136 individual vinyl adhesives, produced by Essex-based digital printers Imaginators, and applied to the building’s award-winning moveable aluminium louvres – serving as a reminder of London’s gratitude to the NHS and its international colleagues for their work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new public artwork was co-created with the help of young people across East London in pre-lockdown workshops run by street artist ATMA and celebrated youth mentor Efe Ezekiel.

Paint the Change workshops use an educator-developed curriculum to issues of diversity, inclusion, bullying, and other social challenges. The workshops are designed to empower young people to express themselves constructively and creatively and to become active members of their local communities.

The pandemic forced the workshops online. ATMA and Efe Ezekiel hosted weekly Instagram Live shows featuring special guests such as Ryan Lanji, winner of the Netflix hit show The Big Flower Fight, the artists Chila Burman and Pooja Kapoor, actress and art therapist Flor Ferraco, Blaine Harrison, frontman of the band Mystery Jets, and many others.

“This mural celebrates the rich heritage of NHS colleagues and reflects the diverse and multi-talented workforce of the NHS today. Over the past 72 years, the NHS has relied on the talent and professionalism of colleagues from across the globe, and this public artwork is a fitting tribute to their dedication and effort, celebrating our NHS: 200 nationalities, 1.3 million people.” Prerana Issar, Chief People Officer for NHS England and NHS Improvement

The mural can be found on Rich Mix, a cultural foundation and community hub in Shoreditch, address 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA.

Photo credit Paint the change



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