New Mural by INTI “The TAMARUGO”, CHILE 2021

The Tamarugo is a flowering native tree from the north of Chile, which manages to survive in one of the aridest places on the planet, Atacama Desert.

It is only found in northern Chile, particularly in the Pampa del Tamarugal, some 70 km east of the city of Iquique.

INTI used the Tamarugo as his inspiration for his latest mural for the project “Iquique En Color Es” organised by Nomadesert.

The ability of this species to survive has been vital to the communities that inhabit these places since ancient times, and a symbol of life and resistance to the devastation of resources caused by mega-mining in these lands.

Check out the finished mural below …

Photo Credit INTI/Nomadesert



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