Nick Brandt |’Inherit The Dust’ documents the escalating changes to Africa’s habitat

British photographer Nick Brandt has been taking intimate portraits of East Africa’s wild animals since he embarked upon his ambitious photographic project in 2001. Initially Brandt studied Painting, and film and moved to the United States in the early 90’s and directed many award-winning music videos such as Michael Jackson‘s video for “Earth Song!”.

It was while in Tanzania and directing “Earth Song” that Brandt fell in love with the wild animals and land of East Africa. Over the next few years he took up photography to capture the real beauty of these animals. In 2001 Brandt began a trilogy of books; On This Earth, A Shadow Falls and Across the Ravaged Land; to document the wild animals and the vanishing natural environment of East Africa.

Three years after the ‘Across the Ravaged land’ Brandt returned to East Africa to photograph the devastation to the continent’s natural world brought on by explosive urban development, factories, wasteland and quarries. Now, in a new book and series of international exhibitions, Inherit the Dust (Edwynn Houk Editions 2016), Brandt wakes up the viewer by erecting life-size wooden panels of his animal portrait photographs in landscapes where they used to roam freely.

Check out these epic black and white panoramas recording the impact of man on the wild animals natural habitat.

Catch the Video by Colm O’Molloy where Nick Brandt discusses his latest project, ‘Inherit the dust’ here.

‘Inherit the Dust’ is such a thought-provoking project, these beautiful photographs by Brandt now look lost and misplaced on the streets of Africa.

In September 2010, in urgent response to the escalation of poaching in Africa due to increased demand from the Far East, Nick Brandt founded the non-profit organization called Big Life Foundation, dedicated to the conservation of Africa’s wildlife and ecosystems. You can donate here.

Photo © Nick Brandt Courtesy of Edwynn Houk Gallery, New York



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