No Limits Borås 2014

September brings us the first street art festival in Sweden called  ‘No Limit Borås’.  Borås, along with many other cities in Sweden, are normally known for ‘zero tolerance’ for illegal art, of any kind, so it is refreshing news that Borås has jumped on to the street art movement and this year has embraced the beauty of a public art museum.

The No-Limits festival is curated by Shai Dahan, a talented street artist himself, and has invited a number of international street artists to participate in the four day event. Artists include Natalia Rak, Etam Cru, Peeta, ECB, The London Police, Kobra, Ollio, Ekta, Carolina Falkholt and Issac Cordal. Check out the finished murals below which have made the city of Borås a more colourful place to live.

Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra subject and inspiration for his expolsive mural is of the swedish born innovator Alfred Nobel and father of the Noble Peace prize.

Another artist participating in the Borås street art festival “No Limit” is Etam Cru. In only a few days Polish artists Sainer and Bezt managed to make this impressive large scale mural entitled ‘Good Morning’. What a delight it would be to wake up to this beautiful mural everyday.

Spanish artist Isaac Cordal ‘cement eclipses’ brings to the No Limit festival his small scale installations. Here the male installations perched on buildings in Boras look like they may have reached their limit!

Swedish street artist, Carolina Falkholt brings her colourful and detailed art to the streets of Borås.

German artist ECB, Hendrik Beikirch, specialises in massive grey scale portraits and ECB doesn’t disappoint with this huge piece entitled ‘Moments of Life’. This gentleman looks like he has certainly lived a long life.


Ekta spent four days on her mural entitled ‘Spelplan’/’Game plan’. Ekta changed her style two days in after speaking to the locals and a young boy. The final work Ekta choses to go with is less structured and more free-floating, to go against the trend to a specific order. Which from the mural we can see it is not perfectly aligned, it is more unbalanced on the left and the square is not of the correct proportions.

Painting on the streets of Boras, the Polish artist Natalia Rak paints her beautiful piece entitled ‘Ophelia’. Ophelia is a fictional character in the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare and has been the subject for many a beautiful piece of art.

Venice graffiti writer Peeta killed this wall with his signature three dimensional floating tag.

One of the first established graffiti artist in Gothenburg to reveal his identity Ollio, loses himself on this massive wall and the finished look is epic.

Street artist Simple large mural is that of a ‘Peacekeeper’. The peacekeeper stands proud and protects its residents and the neighbours of Borås.

The No Limit Festival was a huge success. All artists had the freedom to paint what they wanted to…..this of course is a controversial issue as nobody knows what the artists will create. However, any problems they always have The London Police, and Jane Fonda, on hand to sort it out!

Sweden will be opening its walls to the No Limit street art festival for the second year 3-6th of September 2015. With about 10 new walls spreading across the city of Borås, No Limit will extend the outdoor gallery from this festival (2014).



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