No Limits Borås, Sweden 2015

On the 3rd until the 6th of September 2015, the Swedish town Borås will once again open it’s walls to public art for the ‘No Limits Street Art Festival’ curated by fellow street artist Shai Dahan. This will be the second year that Shai has invited artists to paint the town of Borås.

The No Limit Street Art festival 2014 was such a success that the city has decided to keep the murals for several years to come. With imaginative paintings on the facades, the festival has been said to add a stimulating new dimension to the town.

The murals from last year has also contributed to a strengthened interest for the town. With all this positivity it was no surprise that ‘No Limits’ was awarded with the ‘municpality of Borås prize award’ for Urban and Landscape Development in June 2015.

“Besides that many people love the art that was created during No Limit, this perhaps is the finest review a street art festival could get. It really shows what art in public spaces can achieve. I´m honored, happy and thankful of beeing a part of an entirety that could make such positive change to the townscape in a city” Shai Dahan

With such a positive response this years No Limit Street Art Festival can only enhance the outdoor gallery of Borås further. With everyone on board for this years festival the twelve international artists can be sure of an extra warm welcome and some large walls to paint! Want to know which artists to expect?… well the line up has been confirmed and is now complete.

Expect talented artists: Curiot (Mexico), DALeast (China/South Africa), David Zinn (US), Dulk (Spain), Inti (Chile), Joe Iurato (US), Laurence Vallières (Canada), Logan Hicks (US), Pichi&Avo (Spain), Robert Proch (Poland) and Tristan Eaton (US).

“It’s a really strong line up and we’ve managed to get artists from a lot of different art backgrounds. We started out with a success in 2014 and the people of Borås and visitors just loved the completed murals and installations. This year they will continue to get beautiful art to admire and I’m so looking forward to see all the participating artists in town” Shai Dahan.

No Limit 2015 will offer everything from large scale murals, small wooden figurines and stencil art to crocheting and chalk paint, plus a chance to meet the artists. Our friends Pichi and Avo will be flying over from Valencia on the 2nd September 2015 to paint this huge wall, expect some serious skills.

GraffitiStreet can’t wait to see what these artists have to offer and with No Limits… expect the unexpected!

We will keep you up to date with all the latest murals from No Limits Anders Kihl so check back at a later date…



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