Nuart brings Stencil Art along the River Akerselva, Oslo 2017

The team behind Stavanger’s internationally renowned Nuart Festival have embarked upon a new three-year public art project in collaboration with Oslo Municipality. The ambitious project will see the area adjacent to the Akerselva river, which cuts through the centre of the city, become a venue for street art.

The public art project aims to celebrate the diversity of the four neighborhoods through which the river flows – Nordre Aker, Sagene, Grünerløkka and Gamle Oslo – and invite the local community to rediscover the area through the creation of an ‘art trail’.

Nuart invited Three stencil artists, Oslo-based Hama Woods and partner Martin Whatson plus Finland’s Jussi TwoSeven to produce new works along the 8.2km stretch of Akerselva river.

Jussi TwoSeven created a large-scale mural by using intricately cut layers of stencils at Oslo School of Architecture and Design. The piece, entitled The Grey Wolf, marks the centenary of Finland’s independence from Russia and draws attention to the current debate about whether or not these creatures pose a threat to humans – a debate which has left their future hanging in the balance.

In addition, Jussi placed a series of smaller works on electricity boxes in and around Kuba park. Their location is intended to encourage Oslo residents, visitors and street art enthusiasts to discover the works themselves as opposed to the traditional ‘art trail’, where public artworks are placed on a map.

Check out his cool gif of ROAR below …

At Markus Thranes gt 5, Martin Whatson paints on the rich Norwegian tradition of maritime with his stencil floating right next to the Akerselva.

Fellow stencil artist Hama Woods painted a chameleon overlooking a children’s play area, putting colour back into their everyday lives. The piece also was inspired by ‘Play’ in street art culture: an influence most notably documented in legendary street art photographer Martha Cooper’s early book, ‘Street Play’.

Photo credit Nuart



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