Okuda’s vibrant kaleidoscope sculptures transforms Boston Seaport, 2018

Global creative house and curator Justkids partnered with property developer WS Development to launch Air, Sea and Land, the largest public art undertaking of world-renowned Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel, in Boston Seaport.

Okuda is a world-renowned street artist from Santander, Spain, best known for his unique iconographic language of multicoloured geometric structures and patterns on the streets, railroads and abandoned factories around the globe. Okuda has exhibited in galleries all over the world, such as India, United States, Japan, Brazil, South Africa, Mexico and Europe.

For the “Air, Sea, Land” installation, Okuda brought his imagination to Boston for the first time, allowing art to inspire and unite Seaport as it visually anchors the neighbourhood, and connects it graphically and thematically to other works and points across the city.

Boston’s Seaport is a dynamic and vibrant district that is quickly emerging as one of the most exciting neighbourhoods and destinations in the country. Seaport is currently Boston’s single largest development project with WS Development transforming 23 acres of waterfront land with a carefully selected mix of residential, hotel, office, retail, entertainment, civic and cultural uses.

Okuda explored his favourite themes-  the tale of life and coexistence, and the mythological edge where the animal kingdom encounters with the human world.

This vibrant kaleidoscope of seven large-scale sculptures was designed specifically for display within Seaport’s sweeping cityscape. The work’s eight- to twelve-foot sculptures are placed at deliberate intervals on the Seaport Boulevard medians, creating a public art corridor stretching from Sleeper Street to East Service Road.

“Art must be present in public spaces constantly and my mission is to transform these spaces in a way that further enhances the passerby’s experience. I aim at creating vibrant places that are filled with colour and positivity. I want people to stop looking at the pavement and start looking up and around.” Okuda 

Moved by Seaport’s tangible coexistence of air, sea, and land, Okuda created an iconic rainbow using organic shapes, forms, and symbols.

“It’s fantastic to present Okuda’s work in such a dynamic and rising neighbourhood; We are grateful for our partnership with Seaport that through this project expands art in the public space for everyone to embrace. Playing with the ever intriguing idea of the origins of life Okuda creates something that really speaks to all.” Justkids curator Charlotte Dutoit

A mobile tour of Air Sea Land runs on the Cuseum digital platform. The tour is engaging to both in-person visitors and those who want to learn more about the installation from afar and can be accessed here.

“We are always looking for exciting new ways to enhance the Seaport neighbourhood experience through beautiful and welcoming world-class public spaces. We are thrilled to welcome Okuda to Boston and we hope visitors from across the city and around the world are surprised and delighted by this extraordinary installation.” Yanni Tsipis, Senior Vice President, Seaport at WS Development.

Photo Credit Justkids



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