Oli-B brings his colourful universe to the Belgian coast, Nieuwpoort 2019

The Crystal Ship have just completed their latest street art project in Nieuwpoort, a small city at the Belgian coast, with Belgium artist Oli-B.

Oli-B’s work ranges across a huge array of media: acrylic, spray paint as well as digital or screen printing techniques on a wide variety of surfaces, including canvas, paper, wood, walls or even stickers. Since his teenage spray paint period he painted what he loved – forms and colours – and flirts now more with contemporary art.

Oli-B invites you to enjoy his colourful, positive and vivid universe, where shapes, people and other elements born out of his imagination intermingle in an intuitive and spontaneous manner. An imaginary and secluded place, where movements and rhythm are highly important. He makes colours dance and opens you the doors to an environment where the sense are created differently according to the lectures and interpretations.

Photo Credit The crystal Ship



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