Oliver Vernon Paints his Biggest Ever Mural for “Out in the Open” Street Art Project, Aalborg, 2019

The “Out in the Open” mural project celebrates its fifth year dedicating murals to the city of Aalborg, Denmark, curated by Kirk gallery. Many street artists have painted large murals over the past four years, such as Wes21 & Onur, Guido Van Helten, Conor Harrington, Faith 47, Sepe & ToneBezt , Herakut and David Walker .

New York artist Oliver Vernon has just finished his biggest mural ever in Aalborg . The whole process from sketch to wall took two weeks with an intense twelve hour days, to produce this outstanding piece of art within modern abstraction.

“Getting started was quite a challenge due to the enormous size of the wall and exactly how to approach such a large scale painting. To start out with I had the safety net of making a grid and just following the sketch and picking out the exact colours I wanted at the paint store. But at the end I ended up just dipping the brush in the large buckets of paint and mixing the colours directly on the wall itself, which made it possible to work much more freely, adding new composition, colour and structures. At the same time it made it much easier to add the right movement and energy into the mural.
Getting to that point was a personal victory for me, finding out how to paint large scale in a completely different way, ending up with a more loose expression that I love.
The quality of these sections add so much to the feeling of the pieces of organic flowing bits of information next to all the graphic parts. This really tied it all together. It just took a while for me to get there.

I’ve had some fantastic response from all the people walking by. People sharing their positive thoughts and encouraging comments. I am so happy that the mural now is something for everybody on the streets to get joy from and not only the few in the museums. It’s been a great adventure and an exciting challenge” Oliver Vernon

Other invited artists this year include; Vhils (PT), Seth (F), Oliver Vernon (US) , Fintan Magee (AU), Joram Roukes (NL) and Nils Westergard (US).



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