Onur’s Latest Mural Roars On into the Night, UPEA Street Art Festival, Finland 2017

The second annual, multi-city Street Art Festival UPEA has begun in Finland. UPEA17 has invited local and international artists, such as Guido van Helten, Fintan Magee, Apolo Torres & Pat Perry, Rustam Qbic, Jani Leinonen, Andrea Wan, Artez, Dulk, Eero Lampinen, Messy Desk,  Millo, Onur,  Ricky Lee Gordon, Roberto Ciredz, Smug, Telmo Miel, Vesod, Wasp Elder and many more … to paint twenty large scale murals in thirteen different Finnish cities …

Onur’s mural is entitled “The Last Cocktail” in Jyväskylä, Finnland and is an extension of his mural “Last Island” curated by the good people of Pangeaseed in Napier, New Zealand in February this year.

“This is the extension of a piece the artists painted last february in New Zealand while the Arctic ice is melting and we are seeing a decline in animal life all over Antarctica the political climate worldwide is ringing in the new ice age with irresponsible retreats from climate regulations or simple detachment from issues that will affect us all in the not so far future.” Onur

“The Last Cocktail ” is a sarcastic comment to ‘those who cheer and raise their glasses to themselves with egocentric need to feed their greedy minds’ and do not respect climate regulations. The former majestic iceberg now takes on the shape of tiny ice cubes floating in their bloody Mary’s. A drink relating to the blood shed and decline of  life all over Antarctica.

Then in a twist during the night, the UV sublayer below just shows the polar bear in its natural environment, depicting the revenge of nature’s power and once again, the roar of the wild returning once mankind has vanished and erased itself.

Another powerful piece by the talented Onur.



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