Pahnl’s Multi Window Mural, UpFest Street Art Festival, Bristol 2017

Headlining Europe’s largest street art festival Upfest this year were artist duo Pahnl, who have been gracing the streets of Bedminster, Bristol for Upfest since 2009.

Pahnl is well known for using stencils, film, animation and photography to bring their miniature world to life … people, dogs, cats, birds can be found, if you look close enough,  playfully interacting with spaces in the city.

For Upfest 2017 Pahnl had a slightly bigger wall than usual, making it a little easier to spot their creations … usually their characters are three times smaller. This big mural ‘Click Click’ consisted of lots of windows filled with different websites, apps and their characters … can you figure them out? Hints here.

“We were given this beautiful 4 x 3 meter wall on the side of the Souk Kitchen at the heart of Upfest and if you know anything about our work, you’ll know we tend to paint low and with a lot of width. No good wasting all that space though, so we came up with an idea to fill the wall with websites and apps.” Pahnl

“We’re both quite nerdy, spend a lot of time on computers and online, so coming up with ideas for each window was too easy. You’ve got the Facebook window with people clamouring for ‘likes’ raining from the sky (who doesn’t love seeing they’ve got a notification, right?) or the weather website, which ultimately proved to be an accurate omen for the week we spent in Bristol, haha.” Pahnl

“It was so satisfying to hear people taking in the wall and certain windows or apps ‘clicking’ for them. There were some obscure references in our piece but the fact people had to decipher the work a bit was rewarding and it felt like everyone took at least one thing away from it. At one point, there was a cyclist who stopped beside us after looking at the calculator window and showed us his phone unlock pin was 800813.” Pahnl

“Biggest challenge really was just working at that kind of height. We got used to the ladders quickly enough but when you’re trying to get the massive blue window stencils to lay flat against the wall in the right spot, it gets tricky.” Pahnl

“One little ‘easter egg’ that no one picked up on (or at least told us about noticing) was the map in the map window is literally a map of the area we painted the wall, with the spot our little marker-impaled-character being the location of the wall itself!” Pahnl

“The amazing thing about Upfest is that it brings so many artists and enthusiasts together in one place. We must’ve spoken to over 200 different people over the course of our stay, so thanks to each and every one of you for taking the time to talk with us. Also just great to share our process with everyone as all you often get to see is the finished piece.” Pahnl

We certainly enjoyed our time at UPFEST 2017! Catch us back at a later date for all the UPFEST activities …



Photo credit Pahnl



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