Pattaya Arts Festival brings Street Art to the Beach, Thailand 2017

Pattaya City and Pattaya Cultural Council have organised their first beach art festival in Thailand “Pattaya Arts Festival 2017” at Pattaya beach today (3rd February) until 5th February from 4pm onwards.

“As Thailand mourns and show respect to the King Bhumibol Adulyadej, We have organised the exhibition of our beloved king “The artistic genius of His Majesty the King” with contribution of many famous thai artist. Pattaya Arts Festival 2017 is organised to promote and develop Pattaya City as a city of art and culture. Attracting a new group of foreign travellers to Thailand.” Chanutpong Srivisate, Pattaya Deputy District Chief Officer.

The theme of this festival is “New Sense”, The Sense of Art,  which is the sense beyond our five natural senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell.

Street artists invited to take part in the festival are Alex face (Thailand), Mue BON (Thailand), Gong (Thailand), A.m.p. (Thailand), Bonus (Thailand), GohM (Thailand), The Yok and Sheryo (Australia), Beejoir (U.K.), The London police (Netherlands), Ben Eine (U.K.), Ox-Alien and Edo Rath (Netherlands), Emmanuel Jarus (U.K.), Jace (France), Dotmasters (U.K.) and Shinny and Himbad and Code (U.K.).

The festival has been mapped out along the beach.

This is the very first international art festival and with this much talent looks like it won’t be the last.




Photo credit Pattaya Arts Festival



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