Pejac’s “STAY ArT HOME” Window Series Promotes Wellbeing through Creativity during COVID-19 Lockdown, 2020

Spanish artist Pejac has created his own “STAY ArT HOME” window series during COVID-19 lockdown to fight anxiety and boredom during these uncertain times and invites you to join in.

Pejac’s “STAY ArT HOME” window series promotes good mental health by inspiring creativity. You can share your ideas around the world, and stay connected throughout the lockdown period by using these hashtags against your window art. #stayarthomepejac #ARTFROMHOMEAGAINSTVIRUS #pejacwindowseries #Pejac.

“STAY ART HOME” In these strange lockdown days, I believe that one of the best therapies to fight anxiety, or boredom, can be creativity. I have always believed as well, that there is an artist inside everyone.
I encourage you to create your own “window series”, true urban art at home. Let your imagination fly and post the result on social networks. Every piece of work counts to create an antidote against monotony.
The pictures you send to my profile will be shared. Together we will defeat this virus! Pejac Instagram

Pejac begins the ‘window series’ from his flat with a golfer teeing off the buildings roof opposite …

Pejac has inspired budding artists all over the world to join in with his window series.

Pejac promotes positivity through these uncertain days through the creative spirit and you can see more of the wonderful creations here.

Looking out from the inside… Use your imagination and visualise the world from inside your window…



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