Phlegm shares his COVID-19 Pandemic Diary, 2020

UK artist Phlegm has been documenting daily life during the COVID-19 pandemic. Phlegm’s pandemic diary, in which he records daily thoughts or feelings with drawings, is based on the highs and lows of these uncertain times.

Phlegm shared his first drawing on Instagram on March 19th 2020. The toilet roll hunter with dagger!! is named after the first page in Douglas Adams hitchhikers guide to the galaxy ‘don’t panic’, referring to the toilet roll panic buying in recent times all over the world.

Phlegm has shared his lockdown experiences; such as spending time with his son, donning his survival clothing for essential shopping, clapping the NHS heroes, and more recently animals taking over the neighbourhood due to human inactivity. These are experiences which we can all relate to in these uncertain times.

Below is just a selection of the diary drawing viewed on his Instagram page.

Phlegm has a selection of these daily drawings on his My Shopify page which can be downloaded and printed for free courtesy of the artist.

Phlegm also comments that they also make useful colouring pages for kids… and we think adults too!



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