POW! WOW! Rotterdam Wrap up their Second Successful Street Art Festival, 2019

The international street art festival POW! WOW! has just wrapped up its second Rotterdam edition on Sunday 15th September 2019.

With a street art program of international renown, vibrant live music performances, a breakdance program featuring the worldwide elite, and visitors from all over The Netherlands and far beyond, it was an overwhelming success.

More than 10.000 visitors went to the Afrikaanderpark and the surrounding Afrikaanderwijk. During the POW! WOW! week prior to festival day, thousands of street art appreciators already visited the neighbourhood to wander among its murals being realised. There was also 20 cans and 30 vans that will be driven around to make street art mobile within the city…

Festival director Dave Vanderheijden: “I proudly look back at this sophomore edition of POW! WOW! Rotterdam. It was beautiful to see the diversity of its audience and witness the way in which art, music and dance can connect people with each other. That’s exactly what POW! WOW! is all about.”

Twelve murals and a ship where painted, which will be there for much longer to enjoy. Aside from that, Californian artist Spenser Little and London’s Slinkachu went around the Afrikaanderwijk to leave surprising art installations. Check out the finished murals below…

POW! WOW! returns to Rotterdam on Sunday, September 13, 2020,

Photo: Martine Kiers



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