POW! WOW! Street Art Festival, Hawaii 2019

Heading into its 9th year in Hawaii, Contemporary art initiative POW! WOW! went back on home turf to Oahu for POW! WOW! 2019. Supported by the Hawaii Tourism Authority and Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach, POW! WOW! Hawaii took place during Valentine’s week, February 8th and ran until the 17th, in the Kaka’ako district of Honolulu, and brought over a hundred international and local artists together to share their love of art! If all this wasn’t enough to WOW! you,  there was a POW! with music from Eminem at the Aloha Stadium!

POW! WOW! Hawaii 2019 invited local and international artists to the beautiful town of Oahu, Visiting Artist Roster included Amy Sol (California), Lauren YS (California), Ekundayo (Hawaii/Washington), Joao Ruas (Brazil), Reeder One (California), Mr. Hahn of Linkin Park (Hawaii/California), ONEQ (Japan), Crash (New York), Mike McGinn of World of Dance (California), Spidertag (Spain), How Nosm (New York), Logan Hicks (New York), Zepha (France), Roamcouch (Japan), Superdeux (California), Shepard Fairey (California), Kevin Lyons (New York), Mayo (Australia), Drew Young (Canada), Eddy Angel (Florida), Aaron De La Cruz (California), Woes (Hawaii/California) and OG Slick (Hawaii/California). Local artists included 7sketches (California),Asalt (Hawaii), Cme (Hawaii),Cory Taum (Hawaii), Ckaweeks (Hawaii), Devour (Hawaii), Gary Draws Fish (Hawaii), Gavin Murai (Hawaii), Jasper Wong (Hawaii), Jeffrey Gress (Hawaii), Dak1ne (Hawaii), Kahiau Beamer (Hawaii), Kai Kaulukukui (Hawaii), Kamea Hadar (Hawaii), Kaplan Bunce (Hawaii), Katch (Hawaii), Kate Wadsworth (Hawaii), Kealakukui of 808Urban (Hawaii), Kris Goto (Hawaii), Lucky Olelo (Hawaii), Luke Dekneef (Hawaii), Render (Hawaii), Matthew Tapia (Hawaii), Maek (Hawaii), Melon James (Hawaii), Jesico Serrano (Hawaii), Oera (Hawaii), Prime (Hawaii), Puff (Hawaii), Sidy (Hawaii), Jack Soren (Hawaii), Nanea Lum (Hawaii), Ran Noveck (Hawaii), Solomon Enos (Hawaii), Unomas (Hawaii), Wooden Wav​e (Hawaii), Mystic (Hawaii), Gezu (Hawaii), Retsy (Hawaii) and Katoe (Hawaii).

The festival was another huge success and POW! WOW! rocks another year in Hawaii. Check out the new locations of the 2019 murals below …

Photo Credits Jasper Wong, Ianny catches walls, Brendon Shigeta and Brenden Donahue



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